Travel by coach - go North Western! is a nostalgic compilation of three films made in the 1950s and 1960s to encourage coach travel along Britain’s green and pleasant country lanes.

The main part of each film was made by BET Limited’s film unit and given ‘local’ details - and views of the company’s latest coaches. Although the accent is on tourism rather than vehicles, the atmosphere and the colourful professionally shot films provide plenty of opportunity to see vehicles from the North Western fleet and twenty other BET bus companies.

Wheels over Britain - 1955
This wide-ranging film, makes the contrast between the days of the stagecoach and the modern delights of coach travel. throughout Britain, from the smoky Potteries to the vales of Devon.

Hire a coach of your own - 1962
A ‘private hire manager’ explains how easy it is to book a coach for your party, and shows party organisers that the list of places to go and see is endless. London and Paris are visited.

Johnny goes West - 1966
Johnny Morris takes a coach tour to Devon and Cornwall. It’s so easy with the new motorways! Padstow, Beer, Tintagel and Polperro all get a visit from the famous TV presenter.
Running Time 62 minutes

North Western - travel by coach

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