This compilation shows what two companies - British Leyland and Chloride - were doing to advance bus design. This sales promotion film shows the advanced design and manufacture techniques that produced the Leyland National, takes a tour around the factory and puts the new model through its paces on the road.

Chloride, Seddon and SELNEC PTE collaborated to produce the Silent Rider, the first full-size battery electric bus to be built in the United Kingdom. This film looks at Silent Rider in the factory, in the garage and on the road.

Bonus feature - Manchester area road safety films

Good riding - colour, 1964
The motorcyclists of Manchester are urged to drive safely - road scenes filmed around the City show the right and the wrong way to practice roadcraft.

Well earned rest - black and white, 1962
A newly retired pensioner decides to be a careful pedestrian so he can enjoy his retirement. He catches the bus into town and sees some habits that are definitely to be avoided.

Look where you’re going! - black and white, 1952
Children are reminded of the importance of the Highway Code, by example and with a little help from the cricketer Alec Bedser.

All about kerb drill - colour, 1965
The children of Oswald Road Infant School and the Manchester City Police show how crossing the road should be done - even a puppet can do it.

Running Time 76 minutes

Sights of the Seventies

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