Choose this option if you require your stall for both days (Saturday & Sunday) of the event.

  • Frontage Tables measure 6' x 2½' and are your customer facing sales space
  • Backing Tables are to provide depth to your stall, not for extending frontage
  • It is not possible to provide your own tables, the Museum will provide all tables
  • You may be asked to remove any other structure we deem to be unstable or unsuitable
  • You will have adequate personal space behind your stall, chairs will also be provided
  • Free Parking in a secure car-park is provided for Stallholders
  • Free Hot Drinks will be provided

Stall Bookings - Full Weekend

  • Stall Rental

    Frontage Tables - £25 each

    Backing Tables - £20 each

    Sunday only - £12.50 each