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SELNEC Public Transport Plan for the Future

Lifeline 2000: a public transport plan for Greater Manchester

Includes background information and future plans such as Picc-Vic

Issued by SELNEC PTE, first published January 1973

124 pages, maps, charts and statistics, plus a small number of black and white photographs



This brief summary of the strategic plan for public transport in Greater Manchester describes how the present system can be transformed over the next 20 years into one that will increasingly provide the background for a better way of life.

The plan is part of a report presented to the Secretary of State for the Environment and to the public and local authorities of the area by the South East Lancashire and North East Cheshire Passenger Transport Authority and Executive. In effect it is an urgent recommendation to start giving the region a transport system for the 21st century now. It puts forward a step-by-step timetable for completing the work at about half the cost of the probable investment in roads during the same period.



Scanned original, some wear and tear due to age.

PDF text is searchable, but the condition of the original means that accuracy cannot be guaranteed.



  • The growth of demand for travel
  • Existing public transport operations
    • Bus operations
    • Railway operations
  • Travel demand and the transportation study
    • The forecasts of the transportation study
    • Trends in public transport usage
    • Parking
    • Consideration of transportation study recommendations
  • The strategic framework
    • Buses
    • Trains
    • Integration
    • Highways, planning and public transport
  • Future plans-medium term
    • Priority for buses
    • Railways
  • Future plans — long term
    • Railways
    • The Remaining Lines
    • The case for rapid transit
    • Bus served areas
    • Rapid transit proposals
    • Phasing of programme of investment
  • The financial background
  • External policies

SELNEC Public Transport Plan for the Future - 1973 (PDF download)

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