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Authored by Michael Eyre and Michael Shaw, this is a new edition of the classic and definitive history of Manchester Corporation’s buses. The original was published over 30 years ago and since then much research has taken place, using sources that have only come to light in more recent years, resulting in many chapters being revised or rewritten. The new book takes full advantage of modern image and printing technology not available 30 years ago, with more than 1,200 pictures, over 300 of them in colour. Many of the pictures are from the Transport Department’s archive and have never been published before.

The comprehensive fleet listing has been expanded to include the first ever record of the parcels and ancillary fleets, an eclectic mix of over 750 vehicles.

The book is much more than a history of a bus fleet, for it covers local politics and the expansion of the network that allowed the City to grow through 60 years of the 20th century. It covers changing social history, the Department’s workforce and many of the technical milestones that kept the Transport Department at the forefront of British passenger transport developments.

Published by the Museum of Transport, Greater Manchester and generously funded by anonymous donations, all income from the sale of the book will go directly to support the work of the Museum plus a significant donation to the Christie Cancer Hospital. This book is available exclusively from The Museum.

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SKU: 1020
  • Specifications

    Author - Michael Eyre & Michael Shaw
    Published by - Greater Manchester Transport Society
    ISBN - 9780946022076
    Approx Size - A4
    No. of Pages - 496
    Date - 2021
    Cover - Hardback
    Condition - New

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